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Change Starts with a Story. The Story Starts with You. 


Like many seasoned business leaders, you see the need for change in business. 

Specifically, a change that empowers customers and employees while being respectful to suppliers, colleagues, and the planet.


It's time for a change. 

But standing for such change can be challenging. 

Especially if the change for which you are advocating doesn't have the full support of the organization or industry.  If this is the case, you're probably feeling a bit like a lone wolf.

It can feel like you're not being heard which is both isolating and frustrating. 

I have because I've been there. I've personally experienced these challenges myself, having been an agent for change for over a decade. But my story has a happy ending: I wrote it myself. 


The Good News


Things can change.  Your concerns can be heard and addressed, and you can become an agent of change in your world!

I've learned some important lessons about what it takes to create such changes, and I'd love to share those with you.  


Five of these key lessons include:


Storytelling is critical for creating lasting change;


Each of us is already telling a story whether we realize it or not;


If we don't realize that we are already telling a story, then there is little chance that we are telling the right one;


For success, one needs to find the right story – the one that moves the needle;


Finding the right story and then telling it so that it inspires others can be VERY hard to do by yourself. 


The Need for Change



The long term success of an organization I believe is directly related to the degree to which they are truly focused on its customer and supportive of their employees, suppliers and the planet. Businesses that do so before profits, will succeed. Those that do not, will not.  It's a simple equation.   

You've come to the right place for help with creating the change you wish to take.  I'll help you get there. 

Together, we can ignite change in business. Through story.