Our Big Why

Our Big Why

I believe business needs to be different and that a movement is already afoot.  You and I are at the forefront of this movement. People across the globe say it is time for positive change.  And no matter which way we look at it, our world is crying out for help - for more positive, sustainable living on Planet Earth for its inhabitants. 

Long standing organizations have much influence in the world.  They impact thousands of people each day in relation to their customers, their employees and their suppliers.  Many are trying to do the right thing by setting up one-off projects of doing good in the world.  I commend them on those efforts.  But, in order for these organizations to become a strong and positive force in the long run, I feel they need to shift their focus squarely onto their customers. For this is their core essence. 

As mentioned in New Beginnings, "I believe it is time to change the game of how Business is played to one where success is based upon the impact the organization has on people and the planet instead of just profits."

I believe when organizations focus on their core purpose of providing quality service to their customers, a high level of collaboration both within and between each other is created for those they serve.  As a result, our society can enjoy increased stability in chaotic times through the services of these organizations.  And in the meantime, those organizations can enjoy a more positive bottom line through loyal, happy and engaged customers, employees and suppliers. 

We are the change agents, the activists, the advocates and the leaders for this new world to unfold. The world is truly waiting for us to step forward. It is time. Let’s go.


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