Gratitude to Create Change

Gratitude to Create Change

At this time of year, it’s natural for us to experience gratitude for all that we have in our lives. I, for one, am frequently reminded by the charities of all descriptions around that I have endless blessings to be thankful for.  We take many things in our everyday lives for granted that would have been mere dreams of our ancestors.  Things such as the automatic heat and water we enjoy in our homes, the ability to talk to a love one far away with the power of telecommunications or the internet.  As I reflect during this Thanksgiving Day season, I question whether or not I, as a changemaker, sufficiently share my gratitude to team members, colleagues, suppliers and even myself.

For example, when I enter a meeting I always think: is there something I need to thank someone in here for? To me, this is not about being nice and what is the “right” thing to do… although it may be. But, more deeply it’s about expressing appreciation for people’s efforts in a time of our “crazy busy” society.

There are countless things competing for peoples’ time and energy these days. If we don't take the time to acknowledge the support of our team members, over time, they can feel that their efforts are being taken for granted.

There is a growing movement towards organizational change, which focuses on doing more of what’s already working instead of focusing on fixing problems. And what better way to grow on what’s already working well, than by saying “thank you” to those making it work?

And don’t only thank those who support your ideas. Also acknowledge those disagreeing with what it is you want to do. Trying to understand where everyone is coming from is how movement will occur.

The way you share your message is as important as the message itself. If you deliver your information / message/ idea with respect, compassion and curiosity, there is a better chance of being heard.

What better way to show respect than by sharing your appreciation? 

People gravitate towards what is expected of them. By providing acknowledgement of what you appreciate, you are reinforcing to them to send you more!

Reflecting back, I know I’ve always leveraged gratitude to the best of my ability at the time. Those experiences have also provided me the opportunity to learn more deeply about gratitude and the impact it has on an organization.

I look forward to leveraging my old and new learnings for my next “change effort”!

Thank you for being the changemaker that you are! 


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