Celebrate & Dream as Changemakers

Celebrate & Dream as Changemakers

At the end of the calendar year, many of us are frantically preparing for the holiday season and working overtime with increased business duties, annual events and performance reviews.

Sometimes, being agents for change, these natural cycles may or may not coincide with the activities of our efforts.  That said, to me it's the perfect time for change agents to leverage this “natural” cycle of year-end to create leverage for their change effort. 

The question is, how? To me, the words Celebrate and Dream summarize it all.


Identify and document the achievements of the year in your change efforts. Bring your team together and have a conversation facilitated to create a celebration graphic of all that has been achieved in the year. In preparation, have a few achievements in mind so you can bring them up and recognize team members.

Then, take the time to celebrate these achievements. Looking back, I see this is something I could have definitely done more of. I’ve discovered that celebration of achievements provides motivational fuel for future ones so it’s not just about a “nice thing to do” activity – it’s about achieving more in the future!



After celebrating those achievements, it’s the perfect time to reflect. With “what worked” at top of mind, it’s prime time to ask, now what is possible? How can we build upon these successes? What is the preferred future? How can we all win? 

This is a great opportunity to do some dreaming together as a team. People support what they help create, so engagement here is powerful.  Having a facilitated discussion, where a graphic of the dreams is created, can be a lasting piece to serve as a reminder of the vision discussed days, weeks and months ahead. 

By leveraging the strategies of Celebrate and Dream at these naturally occurring cyclical times, we set the stage for creating change in a positive and powerful way.  It’s simply a more positive and expeditious manner of doing so. 


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