New Beginnings as Changemakers

New Beginnings as Changemakers

As leaders and changemakers, the beginning of a new calendar year is a great opportunity to empower our change effort. Society in general is optimistic about new beginnings and we can leverage that powerful, positive energy to improve the movement we can create.

This article really builds upon another I recently published, called “Celebrate and Dream.”  There, I shared steps one can take either by themselves or with their team to celebrate the achievements made and then dream of what is indeed possible to build upon these successes. 

As changemakers, we can leverage the beginning of the new year as an opportunity to ponder our best path forward. 

How do we best do this? 

I propose you start by journaling, and then reflecting on what you write. Then, you can discuss those thoughts and ideas with a colleague, or with your entire team.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is working that you want to reinforce or continue doing?
  • What didn't work as well? What are the opportunities for something new? 
  • Could any change of focus or theme be helpful to the bigger change effort?
  • Are there any resources for you or your team to make the articulation for change more effective? (This could be in terms of information, skills, team members, advisors or tools.)
  • Who are your biggest advocates? 
    • What can you or your team do further to take it to the next level? 
    • What do they need to increase their ability to support your change effort going forward?
  • Who of your stakeholders are not always your advocates or supporters
    • What could you offer to help them in this quest?
    • How could you dialogue with them on what you or your team can do to increase their support in this upcoming cycle? 

As a leader and agent for change, I have found it critically important to reflect and strategize at the beginning of a new year on the best routes to take and best messages to share.  By doing so, we optimize the efforts made. So grab your pen and paper, turn off your phone and let's get started!  

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