The Lucky Changemaker

The Lucky Changemaker

I'm just back home from spending 4 days in sunny San Diego where I attended the High Performance Academy. This event is often called "the gold standard" across all self-improvement seminars in the world. That four day conference completely delivered on its promises to help up-level our psychology, physiology, productivity, and people skills. Thank you Brendon Burchard for a game-changing 4 days for all 2000 of us in attendance! 

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, I couldn't help but think of those Changemakers and Leaders who appear as "Lucky" - like things just happen for them in synchronicity and sometimes we can wonder what they are doing to make that so. To me, there are lots of commonalities between those "lucky" changemakers and leprechauns - yes those highly spirited "little people" who we celebrate every St. Patrick's Day. In reviewing my notes from this weekend's event I pulled the below summary together in terms of what high performing changemakers have in common with leprechauns...

So my questions for you to reflect upon are:

  1. Which of these 5 is your strength? What do you have in common with these high performers? 
  2. Which of these 5 presents the greatest opportunity to up your game as a changemaker?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!