The "One" Thing

The "One" Thing that Holds Back Business People from Attaining Success

Years ago,  one of my clients asked me "What is the ONE thing that holds back business people, entrepreneurs and business owners alike, from attaining success?"  Wow - 1 thing. I pondered this a moment and soon realized the core element to it all.. and that one thing is distraction.

Often entrepreneurs and business owners are great idea people. They can really enjoy coming up with new ideas and they can become bored with activities that have become routine. 

We can start looking at new markets to expand to or new products to launch before the processes or tools and resources needed to really maximize the existing ones are fully worked out.  And we can attempt to do more than one of these things at one time and attempt to juggle many of these balls in the air on the strength of our ability to multi-task - which is of course a myth and yet deep in our sub-conscious we still often can believe it! 

Distraction can come so quickly and frequently with just our email inbox or phone.  We are concentrating on something, and the phone rings. An email comes into our inbox that talks about a new tool and it can look like the answer to our prayers.  The challenge is in the time to research and implement the tool, that suddenly is taken away from what was defined as priority.

Distraction can happen at the speed of sound in our crazy busy, information overwhelm world. So what can we do to help avoid the trap of distraction in the first place?  A couple things I shared way back then is equally true today...

  • One, we need a plan -- a written plan -- one that can be analyzed and reviewed is critical. Organized plans, even ones that may be weaker than we would like, encourage persistence and focus. 
  • Secondly, we need daily and weekly meetings with ourselves to evaluate our achievements and identify what our next priorities are.   
  • And third of all, we need to "select versus ration" what our priorities are and get the right things done.  

Fast forward to a year ago, when I was introduced to Todd Herman, a Peak Performance coach to those on the most pressure-packed stages including professional athletes, Olympians, Fortune 100 CEOs and of course high level entrepreneurs and business owners like you and me. 

At the time, what caught my attention was Todd's statement that "distraction and overwhelm are the biggest enemies of entrepreneurs right now." And as I listened further to what he had to share, I realized that I had gotten caught myself in this quagmire that the challenge of distraction can bring.  And the research that he shared about something he called "context switching" hit home. 

While I have enjoyed in the past an abundance of training in terms of strategic planning, goal setting, priority management etc, things he shared that day in that video were just the beginning for me.  

Todd releases that video as part of a free online training twice a year and he just released it today.  He explains it so well that instead of me going further here in my own words, you can check it all out here.   If you’ve ever struggled with distraction, procrastination  or simply want to ensure you avoid these things in the future and up your game, I'd encourage you to check it out!

I find that Todd brings his “New York Minute” approach to the importance of speed and efficiency in business at the same time of what will call his Canadian Prairie, Farm-Raised "Grounded-ness”. It's a great combination, which of course, this urban dwelling, Canadian Prairie girl and business owner can certainly resonate with, and I think you might too.  Enjoy!