Episode 10 - Celebrate & Dream as Changemakers

Episode 10 - Celebrate & Dream as Changemakers

Discover how changemakers can use the natural cycle of the completion of the calendar year to create leverage for their change effort in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast. 

You can access the written version of the content shared in this podcast here. 


What can you do?

Below are the questions Donna encouraged her listeners to reflect upon at the end of this episode: 

  1. Who can you engage in your Celebrate and Dream conversations?
  2. How will you set up the conversation? Will you bring in a facilitator or graphic facilitator in for it?
  3. What are your notes to acknowledge as achievements or propose as dreams/possibilities for the future? 

Be the Changemaker.  Drive Change in Your Organization.  And Create the Change You Seek in Your World.