Episode 12 - Why Storytelling in Business

Episode 12 - Why Storytelling in Business

Discover the 3 key reasons why storytelling is fundamental to drive change in organizations in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast.

You can access the written version of the content shared in this podcast here. 

What can you do?

Below are the questions Donna shared with her listeners to assess the impact / the effectiveness of your quest’s communications….

On a scale of Low, Medium and High:

  1. INTEREST – To what extent have you seen your targeted audience’s interest highly piqued?  Are they engaged?  Asking great questions? Are they attentive or watching their cell phones?
  2. MEMORY – To what extent have you heard of members of your target audience resharing the information/stories you shared? 
  3. HEART – Are your stakeholders enthusiastically taking action? To what extent does it appear that their hearts have been captivated?
  4. STORY USE - Are you using powerful stories or solely data to compel others?

Then, once you reflect on your answers to the above, identify two things:

  1. BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY - Where is your biggest opportunity to use stories in your quest
  2. NEXT STEP - What is your next step or steps?

Be the Changemaker. Drive Change in Your Organization. And Create the Change You Seek in Your World.