Episode 2 - Story of Business

Episode 2 - Story of Business

Discover insights on the story we, as society, have for business and how we have gotten it mixed up over the centuries in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast.

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What can you do? 

The actions, Donna encouraged her listeners to take at the end of the episode are:

  1. What story do you have and your colleagues have about the "Story of Business"?  Is it more aligned with the original core purpose of providing value to the customer or is it focused on the end result, of profits? 

  2. What area in the business do you feel could make a good first step forward? Perhaps its in the front line processes, head office functions in their support to the front line groups or perhaps its starting at the top with something like the strategic plan?

  3. Who would make a good partner in this to help you champion this in your organization?  You don't need to do this alone. 

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