Episode 19 – How Positivity Prevailed at a PEI Drive-in

Episode 19 – How Positivity Prevailed at a PEI Drive-in

Discover how positively prevailed in a PEI drive-in theatre after a severe thunder and lightning storm that caused significant damage across the island in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast.

You can access the written version of the content shared in this podcast episode here


What can you do? 

To help you to take your next steps in finding the right story, here are the questions to reflect upon that were shared at the end of the episode:

  1. Where in our lives or business come from more of a “poor me” approach than you would like or you have an opportunity to stand in increased possibility?
  2. Select one you are would like to shift….then take a few minutes to reflect on what instead is possible so that the situation uplifts and inspires.   You may need to talk to a friend or colleagues to get their ideas on what is possible.
  3. Take action and don't delay – that Driven-in theatre business owner took action for the night after the storm, he or she took action expeditiously. By shifting something to be something that inspires, you will be a walking model for others.

Be the Changemaker.  Drive Change in Your Organization. And Create the Change You Seek in Your World.