Episode 23 - Step into Your Next Stage Like a Royal

This year people from across the globe have been keen on the Royal Wedding of  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Now while I still haven't actually watched the ceremony, I have read various media pieces and I couldn't help but not observe the degree of grace that Meghan stepped into this next stage of her life, and career. In today's episode I share with you the 6 secrets that I observed that we all can leverage when we step into our next stage of business... 

Show Notes

As a reflected I realized that there was really 6 secrets to stepping into our next stage as inspired by the journey shared in the media about the  Duchess of Sussex and her shift from accomplished actress to new royal. From what has been shared in the media, to me she has stepped into this next stage with grace as one would expect from a Royal - and therefore we have an opportunity to learn from it. 

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Secret 1:  Chunk up the Journey into Phases -- You don't need to do it all in one day!

She didn't need to make all the shifts in a week -- she did it over a period of 2 years!  Sometimes we question when we are taking a pivot in our business lives, that we think we can turn it over like a dime, like in a month or maybe at an outset 6 months.  But if it is a big shift, to do it with as much grace and ease as a Royal, it needs to be done in phases, and over time. 

Secret 2: Don't Do It Alone -- Have some good advisors and confidants! 

When reflecting back at all I have read, Meghan was surrounded by trusted confidents and advisors that had her back.  This included of course Prince Harry but she also had some others uniquely fit to also help her with this transition. As we step into a new stage we do need to have people around us that we can talk to confidentially and get good advise. Having someone that knows you as well as new people who knows the new role, can be helpful to have both nearby. 

Secret 3: Dress the Part

Now Meghan always seems to have an awesome taste in clothing.  But there is a difference in LA or Toronto dressing to dressing as a Royal.   By dressing the part of your future role, it can help us to perceive ourselves in that new role -- it's like putting on a costume and try the new role on.  It can also helps others around us to also perceive us in that new role too.

Secret 4: Bring Some Old and Something New

Meghan didnt drop her full old life for her new one (although I think some media tried to paint it as she had to).  She instead selected some things from her past and merged that with the new.  The key is select what is best to be brought into the future and what is not.   This can be difficult for us as we try to keep all the things of the past/current intact and then layer on the new.  The thing is there is really only so much "space".  Otherwise our lives/houses/closets get too cluttered and we truly can not thrive, or we may not make it to this new level because of it.

Secret 5:  Plan Ahead & Get the Tools You Will Need in Place

As Meghan stepped into her new Duchess role, one of the key tools she will need is official letterhead for official correspondence.  She may have also invested in several pairs of hosery so she is set to get with that.  The nail polish that is the royal look.  The list goes on.  Now this list may sound a little odd for a list of "business tools", but that said, they are necessary tools to do this particular job.  I'm sure there are many others but these are just a few that have hit the media.  

Secret 6:  The Show Must Go On! 

In the week before their Wedding, there was a bit of controversy hit the media about Meghan's Dad.  In light of health, he also wasn't able to travel to come to the Wedding. Now a gig like that just can't be rescheduled, no matter who you are.  The thing is our stepping into new stages can't be either.  Too often, we postpone our dreams because of other things that arise -- and that just doesn't help anything.   Just because it "can" be rescheduled, the bigger question is whether it really should. 

Those are the 6 secrets in stepping into our next stage of business that I observed as Meghan stepped into her next stage in business as a new member of the Royal family.  I encourage all of us to not delay and apply these 6 secrets so that we too can step into our next stage like a Royal. 

Our world is waiting for us to step into our next stage of business.
It's time. Let's go!