Episode 3 - Symphony Story

Episode 3 - Symphony Story

Discover my insights when I attended a concert and it got me questioning who was actually telling the story that was unfolding before my eyes and how this relates to business in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast

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What can you do? 

The questions Donna shared at the end of the episode to help you to identify what can be done to improve the story to your "audience" or customer base by your overall team are: 

  1. Does your team members have clearly defined and understood roles?

  2. Do you have what is similar to the musical score where all the players can understand what is expected in things like desired tone and speed? (Often this is found in Corporate Values or  Brand Voice / Experience statements.)

  3. Are all players rewarded and assessed based upon how well they deliver on these defined roles and experience expectations? 

If you are missing or are weak in any of these, they can point to your key next steps to making more sweet sounding music!  

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