Episode 9 - Remembering Those who Stood for Change

Episode 9 - Remembering Those who Stood for Change

Remember those who have stood for change and fought for our freedoms and discover how 21st century changemakers have the opportunity to choose different strategies in their change effort in this episode of The Storyteller's Advantage Podcast.

You can access a written version of the content shared in this podcast here. 


What can you do? 

Below are the questions Donna encouraged her listeners to reflect upon at the end of the episode:

  1. Are there some people you believe are to blame for creating resistance for your cause?
  2. What opportunities can you create to understand their needs and yours?
  3. What’s your next step to move forward in creating win-win opportunities? 

Be the Changemaker.  Drive Change in Your Organization.  And Create the Change You Seek in Your World.